WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar suspension after Randy Orton incident at SummerSlam 2016?

Brock Lesnar during a UFC mixed martial arts match with Cain Velasquez in Anaheim Calif. Saturday Oct. 23 2010. Velasquez won by TKO in the first round

Orton, also, according to Meltzer, tried to assure Jericho that everything was OK. He then turned to confront Lesnar in a heated altercation. There are very few people on the planet you'd want to anger more than Brock Lesnar, so this could have been a really bad situation for Jericho and the company.

That is when sources say that Vince McMahon told Jericho that it was a work when he was asked what was wrong with him. It's not shocking that he would have a physical confrontation with another member of WWE's roster, and with Jericho, it's not surprising that he would be concerned for Orton.

Brock Lesnar may not be done with the UFC just yet. The theories are either Orton did not cooperate during the match, a wrongly timed attack and so on. Meltzer noted that Lesnar's job was to cut Orton open, which happened.

Further escalating the tension is the scene where two medics rushing to the ring. Eventually, they called for the bell and it was announced that Lesnar won by TKO.

While Lesnar seems to have confused WWE with UFC, some suggest that a nascent feud between the two fighters spurred the vicious elbows.

Some viewers also took to social media to question whether Lesnar went "off script" and deliberately hurt his rival.

Lesnar competed at UFC 200 and defeated Mark Hunt by unanimous decision, but after the fight, it was revealed he allegedly failed his pre- and post-fight drug test.

WWE SummerSlam is coming to Brooklyn this Sunday and things are looking big.

The use of blood, while not unheard of, has become a rare sight in recent years and the abrupt ending to the contest hints that Lesnar defied orders in the match.

From there the bout took a trip to "Suplex City", with Lesnar landing six in a row before taking Orton outside the ring and twice slamming him through announce tables.

Plus, Big E is back with The New Day, and the rivalry between Roman Reigns and Rusev will apparently continue, seeing as absolutely nothing was resolved on that front at SummerSlam.

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