IPhone 7 Charging Solution Found In Belkin's Double Lightning Port

Apple's Phil Schiller launches the iPhone 7

However, the new Jet Black colour variant will be available in only 128GB and 256GB variants. Participants will receive a gift card to the Apple store in exchange for their old device if it qualifies for reuse. However, it has said that the pricing will start from Rs. 60,000, which means that the iPhone 7 32GB variant will be priced at Rs. 60,000.

Apple is reportedly working on a massive redesign of the iPhone for next year. The first reason for the high price in India is the addition of sales tax.

Compare that to what happens after an iPhone launch. Apple is yet to confirm that. Either way, these devices will arrive packed with their fair share of innovations that aim to improve all the ways that an iPhone is used every day. In Italy, iPhone buyers will pay nearly same as India as the iPhone 7 32GB variant costs €799, which is roughly Rs. 59,900.

Apple to release iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The Apple event that took place recently saw a lot of new releases and also created a lot of chaos surrounding the intricate details of the products and their uses. If you are looking to move to a super-sized smartphone or a phablet, then the iPhone 7 Plus could be the best available option for you. This difference is especially drastic with the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual-camera setup.

To explain how this works exactly, we will have to wait until October for the new AirPods to go on sale.

Many analysts scratched their heads when Apple agreed to pay $3 billion to acquire headphone maker Beats, but it's now a little clearer how they plan to leverage that acquisition.

However, before you get up in arms about this, maybe you should learn the reasons why Apple is doing away with the 3.55mm audio jack. The physical home button has been dropped in favour of a haptic feedback system, and the front-facing camera has been updated to produce great quality selfies.

Apple isn't alone in that - other manufacturers, such as Samsung and HP, also stipulate similar warranty exceptions for liquid damage on their water-resistant and waterproof devices.

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