Google just revealed a $49 answer to Amazon's Echo Dot

Amazon Floods Smart Home Market with a Total of 8 Echo Products

The smart speaker will go on sale from October 19.

The $399 Google Home Max speaker features the same capabilities as the Home Mini, plus four drivers (dual 2-way configuration) and has 20 times the sound output of the original Google Home. Google Home Mini and Max are coming to Google's Home device lineup to fill some specific niches and, more importantly, compete with similar devices from its strongest competitors in the smart home business, Amazon and Apple. It will retail for $49 with online pre-orders starting today and United States in-store availability on October 19. It's Called Google Home Max, and it actually looks like a speaker, rather than some sort of weird plant pot. Naturally, it comes with Google Assistant, which can play music based on user's request. The price-tag is softened somewhat by 12-month of free access to YouTube Red, meaning your ad-free streaming subscription is covered for the year.

It has two 4.5-inch woofers on board and two 0.7 inch customer tweeters.

Both the HomePod and Google Home Max claim to be offering auto-adjust features on the basis of their positions in the room for giving optimum sound and reverb.

In the connected homes division, Google launched its Google Home Mini. It's available in three colors: Coral, Chalk, and Charcoal.

To improve the sound even further the Home Max can actually tune itself to make sure the best listening experience is achieved no matter which room it's placed in. It's equipped with Voice Match as well which means it can recognise your voice and give you personalised information.

Max will cost $399, and it'll be available in December in two colors: chalk and charcoal. Moreover, since this is a Google product, it also uses machine learning.

More routines and actions have been added to Home. Hands-free calling will also be brought along - just like Amazon Echo speakers today - which will link to users' mobile numbers.

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