Hurricane Maria death toll jumps up to 34

Source CNBC

Known deaths from Maria in Puerto Rico stand at 34, The Associated Press reported.

But why is this important? "We are American citizens too".

Mexico had planned to send material assistance to the United States after Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas in late August, but later withdrew the offer after the first of the two earthquakes struck in the country's south in early September. She also criticized him for comparing the "devastation of lives" from Hurricanes Maria and Katrina, saying "you don't use death as a talking point".

Puerto Rico, meanwhile, is much more a humanitarian relief effort.

Colbert showed footage of Trump interacting with hurricane victims, in which the president told one couple to "have a good time". Within hours of the storm, the president tweeted multiple messages of hope and encouragement.

"As far as the comment made about wiping the debt clean, that is the opinion of the president", said Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello at a news conference.

Cruz argued that federal aid had been slow to reach Puerto Rico following Maria, which knocked out power to the entire island.

Two weeks after it was hit by the worst hurricane in 90 years, many of Puerto Rico's 3.4 million residents are still struggling without basic necessities. Most of Isaac's family still live on the island.

"We have to look at the whole debt structure", Trump said to Rivera during his Tuesday visit to San Juan.

In an earlier interview, Cruz responded directly to Trump's "nasty" remark by saying, "Actually, I was asking for help".

"In Texas and in Florida, we get an A plus", he said. "Well you know what, they're dying". "She wishes the president wasn't so dirty". Encouraging everyone to donate to relief efforts, Kimmel warned, "Please make sure they have all the paper toweling they need at this hard time". "10,000 Federal workers now on Island doing a fantastic job". Try and think of me as a parrot who's memorized some human sounds: "yabba-dabba doo, Jumanji, bye-bye!"

"I told him, 'Mr. I've got a couple electricians, carpenters".

When the storm hit, Trump was golfing at his private New Jersey resort.

He shook hands with Ms Cruz after his arrival but he saved his warm words of praise for other local and federal authorities. "This guy is calling the president a moron; this is what we're dealing with".

"I saw the video on TV and everybody's friendly and everybody's smiling".

Trump's tweets and public comments on Puerto Rico have nearly all been in this vein, playing up the success of the response and guarding against the idea that it could be judged as a failure.

Anthony Torres is a political science senior, native Puerto Rican and former opinion editor for The Cougar.

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