Here's a Look at WWE Hell in a Cell Results

Fred Yehi to WWE

In the constantly changing landscape of wrestling, there isn't much that you can count on. That led to the fight taking place at the top of the structure.

If you aren't a WWE fan, but are curious to see more, just Google "Shane McMahon jumps off cage".

The two battled inside of the cell before the carnage moved to the outside. Shane eventually climbed to the top and the two brawled. It seemed remarkable that the cell held them.

This happened after Kevin Owens fell from about halfway to the top of the cage onto a table.

That move wouldn't be it though. My brother-in-law Shane McMahon, who will do just about anything 3 - he is insane, is against Kevin Owens. And once again, he missed.

Ever since Hell in a Cell became its own PPV event - in the same vein as the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series, and to a smaller extent, Money in the Bank and the like - its biggest problem had always been the company forcing the match on stories that nearly never deserved the carnage inside the devil's playground. That's when he got crazier, though, and unlocked the cell door.

However, the idea of Sami Zayn being heel is an odd one. It even was a story of his NXT title win. That's who he was. Would we get some pleasant surprises from some areas of the under card? Who is going to stand for what's right if not Sami?

This was the biggest surprise of the night, at least in terms of the victor.

Of course, this isn't the first time McMahon's taken a huge bump in a high-profile match.

NOLAN HOWELL: It is time for Nakamura to get the belt and finally pull the trigger. The tables would soon turn and The Usos would gain the upper hand and they would dissect The New Day one by one.

Note: During the pre-show, Dillinger convinced Daniel Bryan to insert him into the match. In the end though, Corbin pinned Dillinger to become the new US Champion. While both women recover, Natalya grabs a steel chair and attacks Charlotte's knee, losing the match, but still keeping her title. I can't help but think they missed the chance for an awesome finish when Rusev almost slapped the Accolade on from out of nowhere. While Booby Roode handed Dolph Ziggler a beating to secure his pay-per-view win. For Roode, though, it gave him the win. Roode turned this around by rolling up Ziggler while holding the tights. After Undertaker won the match, he choke-slammed Edge through the ring from off a ladder, and flames burned out from the hole in the mat, "suggesting that Edge was thrown straight into Hell". It was a somewhat odd finish for Roode's main roster PPV debut.

After that, we had a normal singles match with Randy Orton vs. Rusev.

JOHN POWELL: If Owens is moving back into the title picture, it just makes sense that the King of Strong Style captures the title here.

Likewise, it serves as part of a slow-burning push for physically-impressive rising star Shelton Benjamin and well-liked face Chad Gable - now seeking a new gimmick following the departure of his American Alpha tag partner Jason Jordan to the RAW brand as part of a kayfabe storyline positioning him as the long-lost illegitimate son of General Manager Kurt Angle.

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