McDonald's admits epic fail after fans couldn't get Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's bungled a rare condiment promotion, leaving screaming customers and $280 packets

One such reference involved Szechuan Sauce - a promotional tie-in with the Disney animated film "Mulan" that McDonalds offered in 1998.

After pandemonium broke out at some McDonald's when Rick and Morty fans encountered mass shortages of Szechuan sauce, show co-creator Justin Roiland tweeted out his disappointment with both the situation and fans.

McDonald's heard the fans outcry for the sauce, it was hard to ignore, and they made a decision to re-release the sauce for one day, October 7 at select McDonald's.

The irreverent Adult Swim cartoon recently followed mad scientist Rick's quest to travel back in time to obtain the limited-edition sauce. For a sauce that sold for $15,000 on eBay, you might think they'd have known fans would line up around the block for this. But ever since the mention of the now non-existent sauce in Rick and Morty, fans have been demanding for it to come back. "I didn't even get a chance to taste it myself".

The actual promotion itself was predictably a headache. Rick regularly drags Morty along on harrowing intergalactic and inter-dimensional adventures, in between dealing with suburban family drama.

Unrest quickly spread among the crowd at the La Brea McDonald's, however, as those in line began chanting, "Szechuaan sauce!" and, "When I say Szechuan, you say sauce!"

Fast-food fans are apparently going to great lengths to get their hands on a rare McDonald's dipping sauce - even if it means paying a huge mark-up. Another person called it "nihilism and consumerism at it's [sic] ugliest". From an outside perspective, it appears that people felt that they "deserved" to get their Szechuan sauce, and that justified some of their ugly behavior.

McDonald's eventually addressed the horde of irate customers on Twitter. "Technology is unbelievable. But delivering for our customers is better still", said McDonald's Chef Michael Haracz.

The customers spoke - many complained - and McDonald's is answering by way of "a lot more" Szechuan Sauce!

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