Nate Weakens to Tropical Depression

Remnants of Hurricane Nate soak Mid-Atlantic, Northeast as South cleans up

Nate struck the a Category 1 storm on Saturday but has since weakened substantially. Evacuation orders were put in place for some low-lying areas.

The northeast will get drenched Monday and it's all thanks to Nate.

Nate first made landfall at the mouth of the Mississippi River with winds of 137 km/h on Saturday night, the National Hurricane Centre said.

While a storm surge warning remained in effect for parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, New Orleans was expected to avoid major damage.

It's a different story along the Gulf Coast, however, where Nate was expected to make landfall Saturday night with hurricane-force winds of up to 95 miles per hour.

AccuWeather went on to say that as long as the bulk of the rain doesn't fall in the span of a few hours, the dry ground should be able to soak it up easily.

- Breezy, dry, warm and muggy Sunday afternoon.

Nate killed 30 people in Central America before heading toward the Gulf of Mexico and striking the south of the U.S. On Saturday, states of emergency were declared in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and some counties in Florida. The port of Mobile also was closed.

There are now two tornado warnings in effect for Baldwin County.

As gusts from Hurricane Nate hit Louisiana's coast, Melonie Stewart, director of customer se...

Geocolor #GOES16 imagery of Tropical Storm #Nate causing heavy rain, flash flooding and mudslides.

"No one should take this storm lightly", Edwards said at a news conference Friday. That said, the Washington, D.C., area should still receive some much needed rain, even as the center of circulation will likely past west of the area late Sunday night or early Monday morning. The Coast Guard says both sailors were in stable condition. You should be prepared for that power outage. "This is serious business".

The Gulf of Mexico is home to about 17 percent of daily US crude output and 5 percent of natural gas output, according to the USA government estimates.

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